So they Can

How To Help

You can donate straight away using our secure credit card system by clicking on the link below.

Please consider sponsoring a child. You can either sponsor a child to receive an outstanding education at Aberdare Ranges Primary School, or sponsor an orphan to receive both an education, and a home.

Click on the image below to find out just how little it costs to make a difference.

You can also donate directly to one of our many projects.

Please click the image below to find out more about donating to our projects. Every little bit helps.

 We run two one week long working bees to our projects.  Please contact if you are interested in joining us.


We also welcome anyone interested in volunteering either at home, or abroad.
If this sounds like you, please contact:


Why a Philanthropist supports So They Can

Our chairman, Peter Hunt, explains why he got involved with So They Can
and why he thinks the organisation is unique and effective.