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Celebrating 10 years of student sponsorship

10 years ago, So They Can’s generous community started sponsoring students at Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Kenya. A lot has happened in the last 10 years; we’ve expanded our programs to ensure the sustainability of our efforts and reach even more children in East Africa, we’ve built and opened our teacher training college in Tanzania and, most importantly, we’ve seen our students thrive as they receive the quality education that every child deserves. Here are some of their stories.



Herman’s sponsor encouraged him to turn his life around

“I joined Aberdare Ranges Primary School in 2010, without knowing how to read or even dress myself. Through every tough challenge I’ve been through, my sponsor and So They Can have been there to support me.” Herman is now a talented athlete and wants to be a doctor. “My sponsor has always encouraged me to put more effort into my education,” he shared, “I work hard so that I can reach my goals and change the life of patients in my community.”


Sponsorship helped Yvonne dream big

“I started in Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Class 4. Thanks to my sponsor, I completed Class 8 and went on to high school,” Yvonne explained. Now she is 16 and has big dreams for her future. She attributes her career ambition to her sponsorship experience. Yvonne is planning to become a doctor so that she can help her community. “I want to become a neurosurgeon like Benjamin Carson, because we don’t have many surgeons in our country. I’m working hard so that I can pursue my dreams.”


Timothy is hoping to travel the world

Timothy joined Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Standard 1 and was sponsored through to his Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education where he attained 380/500 (the equivalent of an A-). He is incredibly grateful to his sponsor, Michael, who he says has shared many “happy and memorable moments” with him and helped make life that bit easier. Timothy says his connection to his sponsor has made him want to travel the world. “Now, I’m aiming to score an A- in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education so that I can study aviation at one of the universities in Kenya and become a pilot.”


Diana hopes to give others the support she received

Diana joined Aberdare Ranges Primary School in 2016 and attributes her ability to catch up with her classmates dues to the kind hearts of those at the school Now, she is thriving in her third year of high school. Diana dreams of becoming a business woman with a focus on changing the living standards in society. She clearly embodies the spirit of Ubuntu, as she explains “One day I want to sponsor some children, as I was sponsored, and treat them with the care that I received.”


What’s next?


At So They Can, we have expanded our education programs to work with 37 schools across Kenya and Tanzania, as we continue to work towards our mission of delivering quality education to 36,000 students by 2030. We’re always looking for new student sponsors, so if you’re interested to learn more please contact our Sponsorship Manager, Lisa Wagg, for more details.


You can also find out more about our work in East Africa and how you’re supporting amazing students like Herman, Yvonne, Timothy and Juliet by following us on Facebook and Instagram.



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