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502 Student Leaders Participate in Leadership Training

Students across Tanzania have just embarked on a new academic year. For elected student leaders, this is an important time to prepare for their responsibilities in leading their peers and school communities throughout the school year ahead.

This February, So They Can’s team in Tanzania assembled 502 primary school leaders, both year group student leaders and school prefects, to participate in Student Leadership Training sessions delivered in partnership with the Babat District Council. Facilitated with a student-centric approach, the training provided a unique opportunity for 28 schools’ leaders to further develop their leadership skills, share challenges within their student groups, and together come up with solutions to take forward to their School Management Teams.

The training is a key component of the So They Can’s My Voice project, which since it began in 2017 has had a focus on establishing and supporting democratic student governance. Through school-based activities such as training and ongoing support in leadership skills, the Student Voice is developed and nurtured in school communities to create an important link between students, teachers and School Management Teams. It ensures that students are not only consulted, but actively involved in decision-making processes which affect their student cohort.

Through these student-led discussions, the 2023 Student Leadership training brought to light the many positive impacts, which increased student leadership has brought to school communities:

  • student leaders are elected fairly through a transparent student-only voting process that all the students understand and participate in;
  • schools now actively involve students in school leadership and management;
  • student leaders have increased awareness of their roles and responsibilities;
  • child protection and safeguarding are being leant in practice through student governance initiatives;
  • student governance has enhanced overall school development – student discipline, attendance and academic performance is promoted by students for students;
  • improved student governance has reduced student misdemeanours and improved school culture of respect for others and for the guiding rules and regulations.

It indicates that student leaders play an important role in representing the student cohort, engaging with their peers to enhance the learning environment and promoting a school culture of discipline and excellence. Developing primary school leaders today, ensures that informed, proactive, and educated young people are contributing members in their communities tomorrow. 

902 Primary School Leaders have participated in Student Leadership training since the initiative started in 2022.


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