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Our Impact: From a Partner’s Perspective

We believe in the power of partnerships to amplify our impact.

At So They Can we are immensely grateful to all of our partners, who share our mission to ‘Educate to Empower’. Welcoming donors to visit and meet with our teams, and communities in East Africa, is such an important opportunity for them to see firsthand the life changing impact of education.

Rita from the Uechtritz Foundation, a loyal and valued partner since 2014, has visited a number of times over the years. She recently got back from a 2-day visit to schools and a health clinic with our team in Tanzania. Hearing about her experience is an invaluable reminder of the spirit of our global community. Here’s what she shared with us!

So They Can deliver – with determination, energy, and compassion.

It’s an organisation that attracts a diverse, dedicated team of high calibre, like-minded humanitarians, who together create life-changing impact.

A pioneering spirit.

So They Can work in bleak and forgotten regions where the need is great, and the ability to deliver ‘hope’ is challenging. They provide small but vital measures of support initially, which build overtime to become a solid foundation, a critical pathway for sustainable change.

A mentorship model with local governments.

Their development model is for long term endurance and sustainability. When So They Can’s work is complete, their team maintains a guiding presence on the Boards of Governance.

Educate to Empower.

To me, Educate to Empower represents the development, enhancement and advancement of an individual’s innate talent. I see it in action through So They Can unwavering support for children to realise their dreams, and understand their worth.

Teams are tireless, visionary and selfless.

It is a very true sentiment that ‘knowing and seeing are vastly different’. Being able to visit personalises our relationship with in-country teams, and the children that we support (in whatever measure) over time. It has allowed me to see the progress and benefits for sure, but also to get a first-hand sense of understanding of the very real challenges that progress has had to first overcome. When I visit, I experience a small measure of what it is like for the teams on the frontline, day in and day out.

Memorable Visit Moments

From the warmth of the first welcome from the Country team and children, to the ‘all is in good hands’ sense of assurance I had after departure.  

Being astounded to learn that the sight-impaired children at Milimani Primary School have learnt to read and write fluently in both Kiswahili and English, thanks to  Braille machines donated by So They Can.

Planting a tree at a school, well knowing that I will be back to see it growing and flourishing, just like the children.  

Feeling transfixed at the effort and pride in a child’s perfect hand-writing, as they learn under the shade of an African Acacia Tree, whilst patiently counting down the days until their new classroom is ready.

Experiencing the confidence, shyness, and laughter of children and knowing that hope and opportunity is alive and well. 

Listening to the history of the 4 founding fathers who, through their own vision and sacrifice, established the foundation of the Manyara Primary School for the children of their community.  Watching with emotion as the grandson of one of them, now a benefactor of that vision and a student of the school, proudly carried the photo of his forebears during a school ceremony.

Thank you.

From the broad shoulders of the Country Directors, to diligent administrators, to the Heads of Schools, and school staff. To the helpers, healers and carers of thousands of children who are the future of their country. There cannot be a richer dividend on investment than that.


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