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Breaking down the barriers to girls’ education: Janet’s Story

Although illegal in Kenya, child marriage is a cultural norm in Baringo, where girls are often seen as the property of their fathers and brothers to be sold for financial gain, often for 3 or 4 goats.

Early pregnancy is also very common, with many girls (if they were lucky to be in school) having to drop out of school because of it. There are extremely high poverty levels in Baringo (59%) and life can be very tough, especially if you’re a girl. 

This is Janet, when we took this photo in 2022 she was 16 and her daughter, Alphine was 3.  

When Janet turned 12 she fell pregnant and dropped out of school. She was unsure whether she would ever complete her primary education — but through the support of our Keeping Girls in School Project, and with encouragement from our local champions, she was able to rejoin. 

This year Janet has just started Form 1 in high school and her daughter has started grade 1 in primary school. 

Janet loves learning and is committed to working hard at school so she can achieve her dream of becoming a Secondary School Teacher, specialising in English. When she’s not studying she designs and makes beautiful beaded jewellery — a skill passed down to her from her mother. 

With mentorship and support through So They Can projects, she’s now selling her jewellery and bringing in an income, some of which she generously donates to the school to support other vulnerable girls. She’s an amazing role model and a budding social entrepreneur. 

Thanks to supporters like you, So They Can has been able to support many girls like Janet so that they can chase their dreams and work towards a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Become a champion for girls’ rights to education, safety and dignity by joining us as a student sponsor. Learn more about our life-changing sponsorship program and register now by clicking here.


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