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Ambassador Conrad Smith shares motivational advice from his time with the All Blacks

We’re honoured to have had Former All Black, Conrad Smith, as one of our Ambassadors for many years now. Conrad has always been a great supporter of So They Can, we were thrilled that he chose to participate in our #1HumanRace challenge. We sat down with him for some training tips. 


So They Can (STC): Thanks so much for joining our inaugural challenge. Why did you decide to get involved?


Conrad Smith (CS): I have been involved with So They Can for a long time and I enjoy any opportunity to get involved and support the great work that this charity does


STC: Tell us a little about the challenge you’ve set for yourself….and how is it going so far?


CS: Cycling is my new passion so I figured 85km running is about 500km cycling…although I’m not sure if that’s accurate! One week in and 125km down so roughly on track.


STC: Having been to visit our projects twice now, what do you think is important for our community to know about our work?


CS: That it truly makes a difference. I know there is often a feeling of helplessness when sending aid to Africa…that any contribution is just a drop in the ocean of poverty. But seeing the people on the ground, the work of the volunteers and the help given to this community makes you truly appreciate every dollar and every cent sent across.


STC: The All Blacks are known for being unstoppable. Our participants need to be too. Is there any advice that you can share with fellow participants that they can apply to either their physical and fundraising challenges?


CS: When you are motivated by something bigger than yourself, it’s amazing what you can push your body to achieve. As All Blacks we always felt we could perform beyond our own expectations because we were motivated by the legacy of the Jersey and representing our country. I think supporting a charity like this is equally inspirational and will allow us all to topple these challenges.


STC: How will you be celebrating the completion of your challenge?


CS: I think I’ll deserve a big meal to replace some of the carbs I would have lost…I’m starting to fade away!


STC: Thanks, Conrad for sharing your advice with us and good luck with the rest of the challenge!! 


Find out more about our #1HumanRace challenge and how to get involved here.


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