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Our Corporate Partner, Momentum Media, joins our 1HumanRace challenge

Momentum Media joined So They Can’s amazing community Corporate Partners last year and have been passionately supporting our work ever since, so when we told them about 1HumanRace, it was a no brainer for them to get involved. We sat down with one of their Directors, Jim Hall, to find out why. 


So They Can (STC): First things first, tell us a little about yourself.


Jim Hall (JH): I’m originally from South East England but moved here 18 years ago and now, as an Aussie citizen, Sydney is very much my home. I have two kids – a 13 year old son and an 11 year old daughter – who keep me busy outside of work! I’m also one of the Directors at Momentum Media, looking after a number of our property and accounting portfolios as well as our services business.


STC: Thanks so much for signing up to 1HumanRace, what made you decide to register?


JH: I’ve always felt lucky to live in Australia but especially in the last year, which has been incredibly hard for so many. My family and friends in the UK have really struggled, not to mention those in countries like Africa where the systems just aren’t in place to manage a pandemic effectively. I came back after Christmas committed to doing more and giving back. That’s when one of my business partners told me about Momentum’s work with So They Can and I had to get involved.

I love setting a challenge for myself, and so when I heard about 1HumanRace I was keen to join in. Then hearing that 85% of 9-13 year olds are subjected to FGC and child marriage was just shocking to me. Watching my 11 year old daughter grow up in such a fortunate environment; it was such a stark contrast to the children So They Can works with and I want to do my part to help them.


STC: What challenge have you set for yourself?


JH: I’ll be running 85km this month!


STC: Awesome! How’s your training plan looking?


JH: What training plan? (laughs) I’ve been in training for the last few months, running 2-3 times per week. I live in the inner west in Sydney so I love to do the Bay Run. I will have to step it up to meet the challenge but I think it’s going to be OK.


STC: Any top tips for fellow participants?


JH: Take the time to stretch. Warm up and warm down. Depending on your age and level of fitness, it’s a reasonable amount of running to do so make sure you run at your own pace instead of trying to push yourself too hard so you stay injury free. But my main advice? Just enjoy it.


STC: You work for Momentum Media, one of our amazing corporate sponsors. Can you share a little about what you guys do and why you wanted to work with So They Can?


JH:  Momentum Media is a media, intelligence and events business, working with a range of professional services sectors from accounting to law to the defense industry. We touch a diverse and reasonably wealthy professional community in Australia and want to help So They Can connect in with those individuals and business and leverage that network of privileged people who want to help.


STC: Why do you think it’s important for workplaces to partner with NGOs like us?


JH: We only have a couple of charities we partner with. We should all be doing more and there are so many charities who need support to do their amazing work. Australian’s are naturally very giving people and I think our employees and clients probably expect it these days. And it doesn’t have to just be giving cash, it’s about leveraging your skills, resources and networks to help maximise the impact a charity can have.


Well, we’re lucky to have such a passionate partner in Momentum Media! Thanks Jim and best of luck with your challenge. We can’t wait to hear how you and your colleagues get on. 


If you’re interested in how your business or organisation can work with So They Can, please visit our website to find out more.


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