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Establishing climate-smart schools in East Africa

So They Can is establishing climate-smart schools in East Africa that empower climate-resilient communities.

Preventing the forced migration of marginalised communities due to climate change, ensures the continued delivery of quality education for improved learning outcomes among children living in poverty.

Working through national education systems our multi-pronged approach includes: climate smart agriculture for food security via school farms and local farmers’ networks; sustainable clean water supplies via boreholes; solar powered energy solutions through large and portable panels; tree-planting for soil erosion control; support of livelihoods that protect and sustain the natural environment; and community sensitisation on the causes, impact and prevention of climate change.

Climate-smart schools protect access to education, and enable improved learning outcomes through improved infrastructure and learning and teaching conditions. In the communities where we work women and girls face disproportionate challenges, and climate change is set to further impede progress towards gender equality.

Our programs strategically focus on the education and empowerment of girls, and their mothers, as a combative measure.

Across 26 program-supported schools in Babati Tanzania, girls’ transition from primary to secondary school increased by 5% from 2020 to 2021.

The above impact can be attributed to this project through: reduced absenteeism due to the availability of WASH facilities at schools; elimination of the need to travel long distances for water collection; improved nutrition through school feeding programs supplied by school farms.


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