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Our female teaching graduates lead the way, securing permanent positions at Silverleaf Academy

At So They Can, we believe in the power of collaboration and know that our strategic partnerships are key to maximising our impact. That’s why last year, So They Can signed an agreement with Silverleaf Academy to support our graduates from our Mamire Teaching College into their Teacher in Training program, with the potential for permanent employment. After just 6 months into the program, four of our female graduates have been offered permanent employment by Silverleaf. Read their story here. 


Gema, Maria, Lucy and Domitila (pictured above) are all graduates of Mamire Teaching College between 2018 and 2019. They were all interning with So They Can as teachers in our partner schools, but when they found out that So They Can had partnered with the prestigious Silverleaf Academy, they jumped at the opportunity to broaden their experience through the Teacher in Training program.


Through the program, Silverleaf Academy provided them with training, workshops and classroom practice on integrated teaching and learning activities and approaches, including the use of technology and English language skills. The program focuses heavily on practical learning experiences, with classroom observations that encourage real-time feedback; something that we are currently unable to offer through our own programs.


Grace Swai, one of So They Can’s expert Teaching Skills Facilitators explains,


“Through the program, our graduates got an opportunity to practice things they learned from the college and learn many new things including pupils centred approach of teaching, practical application of technology (use of computers and projectors), as well as use signs to pupils rather than words for regular activities.”


The program also encourages the use of pupil-centred learning, which ensures that students are involved and given priority in everything. This global best-practice suggests that teachers should not be the source of information, but instead play the role of the facilitator within a classroom.


Gema, Maria, Lucy and Domitila attribute their successes at Silverleaf Academy to their internships at So They Can’s program schools. When speaking to So They Can, the alumni students explained that their internships helped to build a strong work ethic and equip them with the skills to manage the busy and demanding routine at Silverleaf, which is a private school.


When applications for permanent positions opened up earlier this year, our Mamire graduates applied. After careful consideration from the Silverleaf Academy, Gemma was offered a job to teach standard 5-7 (Kiswahili subject), Domitila was offered a job to teach standard 1 (all subjects), Maria was offered to teach social studies in standard 2 and Lucy was offered a job to teach Civics standard 3.


“We know how hard it is for graduates to find permanent employment in any profession in Tanzania, so we are incredibly proud of these four alumni students for their recent accomplishments in securing permanent employment with Silverleaf. We know that together with our partners, these teachers will go on to change and empower the lives of thousands of students in Tanzania”, said Terri Anderson, Program Director at So They Can.


At So They Can, we’re always excited to partner with other organisations to maximise our impact. Whether it’s delivering education on the risks of female genital cutting, providing sanitary products to girls so that they can continue to attend school or ensuring that our communities have light to continue their studies, we know that together we can do so much more.


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