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A Message to the So They Can Family from our Board Chair and CEO

To all of you affected by the corona virus in any form, our thoughts are with you.

We want to update you and let you know that we are doing everything possible to support our children, communities, staff and volunteers during this challenging time.

First, we are keeping fully informed about developments through numerous sources, both international and local. Both Kenya and Tanzania confirmed their first cases; Kenya on Saturday 14 March, banning all non-resident entry and closing all schools and learning institutions, and Tanzania reported it’s first case on 17 March.

The health and safety of our children and communities is always our priority, accordingly our in country managers are now applying the critical incident management plan we have developed over the past month that covers hygiene as well as isolation in some cases.

We know the next months are going to be tough for all of us and our fundraising will be equally effected, however, we are ferociously determined to deliver on our promises to you and to our children as per our project plans this year, continuing with our mission to change the future of children living in poverty through education.

Thank you for being such an integral part of our So They Can family, knowing you are out there means a great deal.

Take care and if you would like any further updates please feel free to contact Cass on cassandra@sotheycan.org or +64278719031.

Peter Hunt, Chair and Cass Treadwell, CEO


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