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Leading the way in School Sanitation

10 years ago, a study conducted by UNICEF found that of 343 schools surveyed across 21 districts in Kenya, just a third of schools had safe water sources in their compounds and child-friendly latrines.


What’s more, the research found that only 9.3% met the minimum hygiene criteria. As part of our holistic approach to education, So They Can is committed to ensuring that our schools not only have the right infrastructure, but also the education programs required to ensure that our students are safe, healthy and empowered.


Last year the Kenyan Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, conducted a School Sanitation competition in Nakuru West sub-county, where two of our program schools are located — Mlimani Primary and Kibowen Komen.


Just last week we heard the fantastic news that these two schools in our Nakuru Education Collaborative were placed 1st and 2nd respectively, competing with 25 government schools in their region. As a reward, Milimani Primary received a 25,000 litre water tank and construction of a new classroom. For second place, Kibowen Komen also received a new classroom.




Principal Winnine, Head Teacher at Mlimani Primary School attributes this success to our children’s knowledge on the following:


  • Principle of school cleanliness
  • Training of pupils on sanitation and care of water
  • Environmental conservation
  • Pupils’ personal hygiene and good grooming
  • Pupils’ training on self-expression and being confident
  • Pupils’ roles and responsibilities in school


These topics aren’t currently covered in the Kenyan curriculum, but are taught by So They Can through our WASH and MY VOICE programs, which educate our students in the importance of hygiene and encourage children to become self confident and empowered.


“I am personally so thrilled for our schools. When I first visited Mlimani a number of years ago, the first thing I saw was a painted 6-foot mural on the first classroom external wall with clear instructions on what to do if you are raped.  Mlimani is a primary school. Teaching self confidence and human rights in these schools could not be more necessary nor more empowering.” ~ Cass Treadwell, CEO.


Please never forget that none of these results could be achieved without you.


– – –


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