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Letter Writing Tips for Student Sponsors

Our students LOVE receiving letters from their sponsors. Their faces light up as they read and learn about the amazing person who has generously decided to support them and their community to change their future through the power of education. We’ve put together some top tips for letter writing that we hope will guide you in your letter writing!


1 – Keep it simple. Your sponsor child’s English is limited.


2 – Remember their world is very different to yours. Avoid talking about material possessions and western ideals, clean water and an education are luxuries to our students. 


3 – Introduce yourself and your family. Share some information about yourself. 


4 – Ask after their family. Send lots of encouragement.


5 – Let them know you are proud of them and appreciate all their efforts. 


6 – Include a photo. A photo of you will be a treasured possession. However please be mindful of cultural differences and avoid photos in swimming costumes and brief outfits.


7 – For privacy reasons please do not include your surname, postal address or email address on any correspondence with your sponsor child.


8 – Hand written notes are the best. Our students adore a hand written note – it means so much to them.

Remember, please DO NOT put your return address on the envelope, it is important we protect your personal details, instead on the REAR of the envelope please write:

  • Sponsor child’s name:
  • Sponsorship ID:


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