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Beatha finds her passion working with children with disabilities

Mamire Teachers College (MTC) is one of 35 government teacher colleges in Tanzania. The College was built by So They Can — with the support of the Mamire and Endakiso Wards in 2012 — and since then has seen 640 students graduate with formal teaching qualifications. 245 more students are set to graduate in May 2024. The College develops highly skilled teachers, like Beatha, who has become passionate about teaching children with special needs.

‘I love working with children with disabilities. It is challenging, but I’ve learnt effective support techniques, especially from the children themselves. It is very important to me to make all children feel valued, by showing them love and care.’

Beatha was born and raised in Mamire. She studied at the local primary and secondary schools, supported by So They Can. Following her passion for teaching, in 2019 she proudly graduated from MTC with a Certificate in Primary Education.

With limited teaching positions funded by the Government, securing employment remains a challenge for new teachers. Undeterred, Beatha volunteered her new teaching skills to a number of local schools after graduation. In 2023 she started volunteering at Dareda Kati Inclusive School, a specialised school with 75 children with special needs (43% girls) in Babati. Through her experience teaching lower classes, she realised her passion for working with children with disabilities.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally through practical experience in the field of special education. It has taught me how to assist children with a variety of disabilities. I will continue to work hard, continuously develop myself professionally, to support these children to the best of my ability.’

Her dedication and volunteer experience paid off. In September 2023, she became the Matron of the female dormitory. Today, she is responsible for 32 girls who board at the school.

‘This is a big success for me, something that I could not have imagined. I am really inspired to help children with disabilities.’

So They Can, through partnership with Patandi Special Education Teacher Training College in Arusha, facilitates training for teachers in our program schools to equip teachers with inclusive teaching methodologies.

Supporting children with special needs requires team work. As education specialists, teachers, families, therapists and community stakeholders, we all must work together on creative solutions and a collaborative spirit, to turn challenges into opportunities, and see every child reach their full potential.

Grace Swai, Education Manager, So They Can Tanzania


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