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Mamire Teachers’ College Students Top the Country in National Exams

This week our teaching students and staff at Mamire Teachers’ College have a lot to celebrate. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that out of 79 public and private teachers colleges nationally, our diploma students placed first and our certificate students placed second in the country. Notably, we had one female student who graduated with distinction from the certificate program — one of only 5 certificate graduates in the whole country to achieve this standard.


This is the fourth consecutive year since we opened our doors at Mamire Teachers’ College that our students have achieved some of the best results in the country, which in turn is helping us consistently attract quality candidates to the College.


In recent years, the Government of Tanzania introduced a system whereby employment offers are based on academic achievement, with the best graduates being targeted for employment, so these great results also mean that our graduates will be first in line for employment when opportunities arise.


“These outstanding achievements are a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our students, teachers, tutors and leaders. Jesca, our Principal, and the staff work tirelessly to ensure that students receive support and encouragement throughout their studies. This commitment shines through the culture of success that they have developed; one that everyone can be incredibly proud of”, said Terri Anderson, Country Director.


We are also very grateful to our partners both locally and globally. In Tanzania, our partnership with the Government has enabled us to build new facilities and ensure the long-term sustainability of the College, while here in Australia and New Zealand, the funding provided by major donors like The LBW Trust and Mary Alice Foundation has been a recognisable driving force to this success. What’s more, our partnership with the University of Wollongong continues to lift the standards of education to global best practice.


While discussing this fantastic achievement, Cassandra Treadwell, So They Can co-founder and CEO said:


“Our vision eight years ago was to create a teachers’ college that would graduate the highest performing teachers in the country, who could go on to deliver exemplary education to the children of Tanzania. These recent achievements will have a significant impact on the future generation of Tanzania, empowering them through education and breaking the cycle of poverty in accordance with So They Can’s mission.”


Please join us in congratulating all of our students and staff on this momentous achievement.



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