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Meet Faith

$50 means the world to Faith, who has been making hundreds of face masks each day to support the local community. Faith struggled to make ends meet and feed her children before becoming a trainee in So They Can’s ‘Sew Women Can’ program. 


Name: Faith

Age: 25

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

3 words her friends use to describe her: Quiet, helpful, hard-working



Faith was raised by her cousin after her mother died when she was young. She never had a chance to go to secondary school.


They moved to Nakuru after the post-election violence and struggled to make ends meet. All she ever dreamed of was to work hard, but wherever Faith looked she couldn’t find work. Shortly after the move, Faith fell pregnant with her first child and life became even harder.


In 2014, Faith heard about So They Can’s Sew Women Can training program through a friend and went to the school to find out more. The program was established for young vulnerable mothers, and designed to provide skills and employment opportunities for women. Faith was accepted as one of the program’s first trainees and ever since has gone from strength to strength.


Faith now works with Sew Women Can, making school uniforms for the children at Miti Mingi Village and the greater community.

“I am stable now. I can pay rent and provide for my children.”

When we spoke to Faith, we asked her what the best advice she’s ever received was, to which she replied ‘do the best that you can for your children’ and that is exactly what she intends to do. Faith now aspires to give her children the education that she was deprived of.

— — —

Since COVID-19 hit East Africa, the Kenyan government has mandated that all citizens must wear a mask in order to leave the house. Masks can be purchased for 50c each, and failure to wear one will result in a penalty fine of up to $350 or 6 months’ imprisonment.


With most of our community living on less than $1 per day, buying masks for all of their family members is no easy feat.


As soon as the news broke of the government’s decision, our Sew Women Can team quickly sprung into action and started making masks. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we’ve been able to make and distribute over 6,000 masks to vulnerable community members so far.


However, many more still need our help. With police brutality on the rise and the risk of COVID-19 spreading, we need to ensure that we get more masks out to the community.


Your $50 donation will cover the costs of making and distributing 20 masks to our most vulnerable community members, as well as keeping wonderful women like Faith in work so they can continue to provide for their families. Please give today.


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