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230 newly qualified teachers graduate from Mamire Teachers’ College

April was marked with celebration at Mamire Teachers’ College. 230 newly qualified teachers formally received their teaching qualifications, during the College’s annual graduation ceremony, presided over by the College’s Dean.

193 Certificates in Primary Education; 37 Diplomas in Secondary Education were awarded in 2024.

Tamimu was one of this year’s graduates. He successfully completed his Certificate in Primary Education over 2 years. His dream to become a teacher started when he himself was a primary school student at the local public primary school in the nearby Kagera Region. Observing his own teachers, he realised that it is a profession that positively impact people’s lives, for the better. With support and encouragement from his family, his dream has now come true.

‘During my 2-year Certificate in Primary Education, the most important thing that I learnt is that to become a great teacher, I must invest in my own attitudes and behaviours.

We also learnt about the foundations of teaching: evidence-based teaching methodologies; accommodating students’ different learning styles, and the psychology of teaching. I know that I have become a better teacher as a result of my theoretical, and practical training here’.

From the So They Can global community, we say hongera sana (congratulations) to all of these young people for achieving their dream to become a teacher. As they embark on their teaching journey, they are set to inspire and make a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands of Tanzanian children.

Since the first graduating class in 2016, 870 teachers (48% females) have graduated as qualified teachers from the Mamire Teachers’ College. 167 of those graduates have participated in So They Can’s 2-year Internship Program, to gain valuable practical experience as interns in Government schools.


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