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Patient numbers increase by 40% with So They Can’s support at rural  dispensary in Kenya

Imagine walking 15km under a scorching sun, in desperate need of medical attention for your child, only to be turned away at the health facility due to a…

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Msomi scholarships support families earning less than $31 a month in Tanzania

When 15-year old Ezra’s parents separated, his elderly grandparents became his caregivers. Despite Ezra love for learning and school, his grandfather tried to persuade him to fail his…

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Portable solar lights improve academic performance

Reading, writing and arithmetic, known as the three 3Rs, are the foundational skills that every child needs to succeed in their educational journey.  But ensuring that children can…

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Communities trained on Child Protection and Safeguarding Desks

As an organisation that works with thousands of children and their families every year, So They Can actively upholds the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights…

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Frontline Agents of Change in Underserved Communities

Community health workers: Frontline agents of change in underserved communities

Prevention is better than cure, and in marginalised communities it is Community Health Workers (CHWs) that can play a vital role in reducing the prevalence of preventable diseases.…

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Braille writing machines being received by school community in Kenya

Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities have a fundamental right to education, just like any child. But in vulnerable communities, where poverty underpins multiple barriers to education, children with special needs are often forgotten.

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