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Quality maternal care in remote Kenya

‘Three of my children were born at the Maternity Unit at the Nakoko Dispensary. The child I am carrying now will also be born here because it is genuinely secure and comfortable with quality service. I appreciate that I am treated with decency and respect by the staff, and that medication is available.’

Chemket is a 26-year old mother of 4, and is excited that her fifth child is on the way soon. She travels about 5 kilometres one-way on foot across hills and bush through the remote region of her hometown to reach Nakoko Dispensary. She does so because she knows the value if seeking professional care, for her and her family.

Like Chemket, most of the people in her village know about the Dispensary, and Community Health Volunteers carry out home visits to provide information about its Maternity Unit, and encourage expectant mothers to use the services. Kenyan citizens can access free basic healthcare, but often facilities are under-resourced, and quality care is compromised. So They Can’s partnership with rural dispensaries, ensures that Chemket and hundreds of other women, are supported with antenatal care and a safe live birth.

Carrying a baby is an emotional journey that you can only fully understand as it grows inside of you. Despite the fact that our Traditional Birth Attendants have a wealth of expertise, things can go extremely wrong during a home birth. The only way to safeguard and protect your growing baby is by visiting the local dispensary regularly.

Every time I leave the Dispensary I feel confident that both my baby and I are safe. I have also been able to register my children with the official birth registrar, which makes it simpler to obtain their birth certificate so that they can go to school.’


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