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Reaping the rewards of Shamba Letu

Our school has undergone a remarkable transformation with the introduction of modern farming methods, which are substantially more effective than the traditional approach that we used before.

Ms Mzirai, Teacher at Hallu Primary School

Hallu Primary School in Tanzania is the latest school to become a part of So They Can’s Shamba Letu project. Prior to starting the project this year, they had tried to grow vegetables, but with little success. Their attempts relied on the basic knowledge of teachers, and didn’t yield sufficient harvest from their sizeable 5-acre plot. But that has now changed!

Our Community Development Manager, Zadock, provided on-site training for the new school. He supported them to prepare the land for use, utilising their already installed drip irrigation, and also helped with seed selection, and guidance on effective cultivation techniques. The positive change in results has been immediate.

Since we started growing vegetables, we have seen a significant increase in our harvest. Our surplus produce has been sold at the market. With the profit we provided uniforms for 3 of our students in need. We have also used some of our profits to purchase fruit – as a treat for students and to reward them for their hard work.

Our Project Fund now boasts an impressive TZS 80,600 (approx. AUD $50) which we want to use to motivate the students who are doing well with rewards.

Ms Mzirai, Teacher at Hallu Primary School

The benefits of Shamba Letu extend well beyond the school grounds. Students and teachers acquire important agri-skills that they can go on to apply at home, allowing them to successfully grow vegetables that support their families’ food security and household income.

As a student, I find great pleasure in our school garden. It’s good for our school lunches, and I’ve gained skills and knowledge that I have been able to pass onto my parents. Together, we started a garden at home, bringing us the joy of harvesting our own vegetables.

We have also been able to support our neighbours – sharing a small portion of our produce and using the proceeds to buy some necessary items like soap.

Jacklin, Grade 5 student

In 2023 18 schools in Tanzania are participating in our Shamba Letu project. Collectively, the schools serve up 2.3 million meals through their school feeding programs every year. The produce harvested through this project is used to supplement the programs, and ensure that growing children receive nutritious meals at school.


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