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So They Can launches new Teacher Trainee Scholarships to address the deficit of educators

A lack of qualified teachers remains a challenge in schools across Kenya. It is especially true in remote, poverty-stricken areas like Baringo County — one of the communities So They Can partners with.

Government appointed teachers, who are generally placed on a short-term basis, struggle to assimilate in the local community and lack the resilience required for such underserved school environments. So, when the government announced recent changes to address some of these challenges, it was very welcomed news.

Across Kenya trained teachers can now remain in their hometown, and work in local schools as a result of the lifting of the Teachers Service Commission’s delocalisation policy. Furthermore, the Teachers’ Colleges admission policy in semi-arid areas such as Baringo County has loosened to entice more rural school leavers to join the teaching profession.

Both of these measures will have a significant impact on the quality of teaching in marginalised communities. In full support of these measures, So They Can recently awarded teacher trainee scholarships for a 3-year Diploma in Primary Teacher Education. The scholarships aim to nurture the next generation of teachers that will work in our 10 primary reaching over 4,200 students (49% girls).

Joy is one of the 22 scholars that started College last month. Growing up in Chesirimion Village in Baringo County. She worked hard to finish secondary school. She knew when she was in high school that she wanted to become a teacher, but didn’t know how she could afford it. Now that the scholarship covers her tuition fees, she only needs to pay for the extras like transport, allowing her to pursue her career dreams.

The scholarships were awarded based on a rigorous selection process, including the adapted Poverty Scorecard Tool for Household Assessment. The results showed that the likelihood of the recipients falling below the poverty line was between 92 to 99%.

With Joy’s determination, resilience and gratitude, she is set to become a change-maker in her community.

‘Over the next 3 years I will focus hard on my studies, and complete my degree. When I become a teacher, I want to give back to my community. I will be an advocate for the importance of education’.

Joy – Diploma in Primary Teacher Education participant.

We can think of no better investment in the future of teaching in Baringo.

Our Teacher Development Project is delivered in partnership with the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).


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