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Sparking joy in education through our Let’s Learn project

Lightness with students

Meet Lightness, a 24 year old teacher at Endakiso Primary School, one of our Core schools in Tanzania. Lightness teaches Pre-Primary, Standard 1 and Standard 2 students. Lightness has been a teacher at the school since 2018 and takes great pride in her work. She has been partnering with So They Can to implement our Let’s Learn project since 2019. 


Let’s Learn has been created to develop student’s love of learning, while building their learning and numeracy skills. Students read content that relates to their age and it quickly builds their enthusiasm for learning.


Some of their favourites include “Cheza kwa akili”, “Kitabu cha ABC”, “Vitendo vya Kihisabati”, “Mkali wa Dana Dana” and “Mwili wanu ni kwa ajili ya.”  Lightness explains, “through reading books students learn how to write a single letter, then word, then sentence and their confidence builds. The more they enjoy reading, the more they enjoy attending school and being around books.”


Our Let’s Learn project doesn’t just involve reading. Students draw, share and listen to stories, create teaching aids out of locally sourced materials and develop a sense of curiosity. Since implementing the Let’s Learn project in 2019, Endakiso Primary School has already seen an increase in their academic performance. What’s more, Lightness’s students were among the top 5 best book readers in So They Can’s annual Let’s Learn celebration in 2020. 


“I know that Endakiso Primary School would never get these results without So they Can’s support, especially in establishing library boxes and providing us with the books and solar lights for our students to read. Thank you, So They Can.” 


Find out more about how you can support So They Can’s Education projects in East Africa here.


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