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114 Tanzanian teachers trained on the new Primary Education Curriculum

A revised Education and Training Policy was published for the national education sector in Tanzania in 2023. As part of that, a new Primary Education Curriculum for Standard I to VI came into effect at the start of 2024.

With limited capacity for in-service teachers to participate in Government training on how to deliver the revised curriculum, So They Can facilitated training in partnership with Mamire Teachers College, and the District Education Office.

114 in-service pre-primary, Standard 1 and Standard 3 teachers from our 29 primary schools participated in a week-long intensive training in June.

The training covered a range of topics including: understanding the new syllabus, teaching methodologies, teaching aids preparations, micro teaching, and subject specific content like coding and the use of ICT.

We observed a significant shift in teachers after the week-long training. Teaching methodologies were covered, and they also learnt how to integrate crosscutting issues and competencies of the 21st century. We saw that the training really helped teachers to become more open minded about the new curriculum and gain new ideas for effective teaching.’

Hamisi,  Mamire Teachers’ College Tutor and Training Facilitator.

With limited opportunities for in-service teachers to engage, share and learn from one another, the week provided a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer interactions. The sessions were interactive and centred on group work, discussions, micro-teaching and role plays. Participant engagement and attendance was high, and training feedback was positive.

‘The training provided me with the ability to create lesson plans, exams, and other teaching resources that are suitable for the needs of students. It also helped me to comprehend the objectives and goals of the new curriculum. For instance, how to instruct first-graders in English using a variety of age and ability-appropriate teaching strategies. What we learnt this week will raise the standard of teaching and learning in our schools and inspire new passion and motivation in our work.’

Austin, pre-primary teacher, Gallapo Primary School.

So They Can continues to build communities of practice across our partner schools, that nurture a supportive and collaborative network of teachers. The teachers we trained, have been assigned to share their knowledge in their own school communities, this will be monitored by the Ward Education Councillors and District Quality Assurance Officers. So They Can has planned for further training, on assessment in education, later in 2024. Key changes in the new curriculum include:

  • Revised structure:
    • Stage 1:  Standard 1 and 2 will focus on competences in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic (3Rs). Children aged 4-5;
    • Stage 2: Standard 3-6 to enhance 3Rs skills along with other life skills. Children aged 6-11.
  • New subject content:
    • English will now be taught from Standard 1;
    • Children will learn both English and Kiswahili phonetics from Standard 1;
    • As part of Science, students will learn coding and programming from Standard 3.


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