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Weekly Update from Our CEO

Hi All,

I want to tell you about the So They Can development that made my last week.  Our amazing Sew Women Can team are now producing So They Can PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It gives us a huge amount of relief to be able to provide our team, and moving forward our children, across Kenya and Tanzania with protective face masks during this time.  These masks are very cool in every sense of the word. Masks will enable our team to feel protected while they continue their essential work in our communities. Research shows both surgical and cloth masks will prevent potentially infectious droplets being transmitted, and while we understand that no mask is 100% effective, the presence of our colourful masks act as a barrier to eye touching and are also a reminder to employ all the hygiene measures we are educating our communities about.  

Given the impracticality of social distancing in our communities, we need to provide every support possible to minimise infection.  Coupled with our prevention/hygiene education flyers that we give out with each mask, and the buckets and soap we are supplying, our masks are another important tool to do just that.

So I hope this brings as big a smile to your face this week as it did mine.  Please know your support is now enabling you to be a part of a very real and practical solution to support the containment of COVID-19 for our communities in Kenya and Tanzania. 

Finally, our team has been talking a lot at So They Can about our fundamental philosophy of Ubuntu – staying connected.  While we are very aware of the reality of our funding needs, we are also extremely conscious that everyone is hurting right now.  So our fundraising strategy has changed to focus on two things:

Give and receive: i.e. our responsibility to give back to you as donors – as per my TEDx  talk; and

Sharing the load: that everyone gives a little bit.  

Taking these two things into consideration, watch our for our ‘Isolation Raffle’ coming soon.

I’m thinking of you all as I continue to tune into what’s good in our world.  

Love Cass

Sew Women Can making masks for our African team

Top Left:, Our Sew Women Can teams social distancing, Top Right: John our security guard in his mask. Bottom Left:Faith at her machine Bottom Right: Faith demonstrating safe work practices at So Women Can.


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