Championing education and child's rights in their communities.

About our Champions' Network

So They Can invests in a dedicated network of volunteers who advocate access to quality education in their local communities.

Known as our Champions’ Network, they are dedicated mothers and fathers who are the go-to in their villages for all child rights matters.


In Kenya and Tanzania every school community has at least 2 Champions.

About the initiative

Who is a Champion?

A Champion is a local parent or community member with exceptional qualities:

  • Committed to quality inclusive education, and child rights
  • Embedded as a respected member of their local community
  • Non-discriminatory, and serve all community members regardless of their sex, religion, ethnicity or any other status
  • A skilled communicator, who can engage with people of all ages and backgrounds 
  • Able to build trust and rapport

Zainabu is one of So They Can's Champions located in Babati District, Tanzania. As a mother of 4, she feels strongly about ensuring parents and the community are educated and uphold children's’ rights. 

"I became a Champion in 2020 after witnessing too many cruel acts against children in my community. Being a champion I want  to ensure that the community gets the right education and stops acts of violence against children, especially sexual violence".

Meet Margaret

 A Champion Mother in East Pokot - Baringo County, Kenya

‘I am passionate about helping children. Having been a school representative at AIC Sunrise Primary School, I was eager to get more involved, so I became a Champion Mother.’

A mother of 8 children (4 girls, and 4 boys) Margaret knows the value of education and has ensured that all of her children go to school

She loves to see her own children, and the children in her community,  succeed in life. 2 of her children are in school, in Grade 4 and 8, and one child is joining college.

‘Since I became a Champion Mother I have been able to rescue teenage mothers and get them re enrolled in school. I regard it as my biggest achievement and I hope to assist more young mothers. I am dedicated to sensitising the members of my community on the importance of education.’


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