Create a purpose beyond profit in your business.

Business Partnerships

We work together with small businesses
through to corporates developing tailored, reciprocal 
partnerships that deliver real impact.

Partnership Spotlight

Insurance Law Firm Wotton + Kearney

Leading Australian insurance law firm, Wotton + Kearney, partnered with So They Can to make a positive impact to the lives of children living in poverty in East Africa.

“I feel proud to be part of a law firm where the people appreciate the privileged position they are in and have a desire to support the less privileged through initiatives like our partnership with So They Can. I feel even stronger now having had the opportunity to visit Kenya and see first hand the wonderful work that So They Can is doing.”
- David Kearney, Chief Executive Partner, Wotton + Kearney

Join our CEO Cassandra Treadwell on a

Business Immersion Trip

Share Cass’ love for Africa and its people and see how working collaboratively to empower impoverished communities through education is changing thousands of lives for the better. Meet the communities we work with and experince first-hand the ongoing impact of our education projects in Kenya and Tanzania. Spend time with Cass and our passionate and professional team on the ground and hear directly from community members on how, through education and training, there is hope for a poverty future.