We are on a mission to
Leave No Girl Behind.

When a girl becomes pregnant, her life changes radically. Her education ends and her job prospects diminish. She becomes more vulnerable to poverty, exclusion and her health often suffers.

Child pregnancy, therefore, results in a cohort of young girls with little education and limited economic opportunities who cannot contribute to the development of the world around her. It not only harms individual girls and women, but also their families, communities and countries.

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So They Can’s vision is to change the future for children living in poverty through education

Fundamentally, we believe that every child matters.

Currently our projects, including Keeping Girls in School, address a number of the disadvantages faced by girls in Kenya and Tanzania — but we know there is scope for expansion of our work to address more of the very real issues being faced by a significant portion of our program participants.

Let's work together to Leave No Girl Behind.

Initiative launching January 2022...