Our partnership with Learning for a Better World (LBW) Trust

Unquestionably this is a stirring partnership between So They Can and the LBW Trust and one that can help to significantly improve the quality of primary education in the Babati district.

One Family’s Amazing Kenyan Experience with So They Can

We had an extraordinary time working with So They Can; the work was interesting and we met so many inspiring people.

Sarah’s last blog for So They Can

Sarah’s Blog – Neil Finn

Sarah’s Blog #5 What a beautiful surprise!

Sarah’s Blog #4

Today we travelled to Tanzania…

Sarah’s Blog #3

Day two has been and gone in a kaleidoscope of action…

Sarah’s Blog #2

Today was freakin amazing…

Sarah’s Blog

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 7 September 2017 #Inventory

Inventory was defined beautifully to me yesterday as: know what you have, know what you want, know what you can do without.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 1 July 2016 #Brexit

If we all woke up tomorrow with Ubuntu humanity goggles glued to our faces I wonder if the Brexit vote may have been different.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 19 June #GNH rather than GDP

I choose to imagine a very different world from the one I have witnessed over the last month.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog 9 June 2016 #Suffering

One caring, ubuntu human race with common goals of living lives full of enough for every one of us, non judgement of another’s beliefs and putting others before ourselves.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog May 28 #ubuntu

I spent the last two days surrounded by the worst poverty I have seen. I realise that is a big call as I have been to too many terribly poor places. But it is true.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog