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Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 7 September 2017 #Inventory

Inventory was defined beautifully to me yesterday as: know what you have, know what you want, know what you can do without.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 1 July 2016 #Brexit

If we all woke up tomorrow with Ubuntu humanity goggles glued to our faces I wonder if the Brexit vote may have been different.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 19 June #GNH rather than GDP

I choose to imagine a very different world from the one I have witnessed over the last month.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog 9 June 2016 #Suffering

One caring, ubuntu human race with common goals of living lives full of enough for every one of us, non judgement of another’s beliefs and putting others before ourselves.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog May 28 #ubuntu

I spent the last two days surrounded by the worst poverty I have seen. I realise that is a big call as I have been to too many terribly poor places. But it is true.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 15 April 2015 #Are we responsible for child poverty?

Whether the action Tara took was the best is obviously debatable but the fear they must all be feeling in jail in Lebanon overwhelms me. It is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved and I only wish we would replace judgment with compassion.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 6 April 2016 #Family

The common ancestor in the So They Can family is humanity. That is why people feel they belong, because they are human.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog – 1 April 2016 – My classroom that is Miti Mingi Village

I love witnessing the beginning of something wonderful. The definition of integrity is when our values match our actions.

Cass Blog 25 March 2016 #Ubuntu – Embrace imperfection

If our children are acting in an online world of unreal perfection they must, at best, be exhausted.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog #Ubuntu in Action in Class 7 Cheetah : 10 March 2016

Ubuntu – how can we be happy if another is sad.

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog #One Global Flag

What if we had one global flag that we all belonged to, that we were all worthy enough to fly…

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog #share in the grief to experience the joy – Kia Kaha Fiji

I wonder if, by connecting in times of need we also get to share in their moments of joy?

Cass’ Ubuntu Blog #Donald Trump

Donald Trump – come with me to Africa for a few weeks…I promise you will happily and consensually return with an Ubuntu tattoo.