One Family’s Amazing Kenyan Experience with So They Can


An Experience of a Lifetime – Giving and Receiving So Much.



We had the benefit of working with So They Can’s professional and knowledgeable team, who warmly welcomed us into their organisation with open minds.

The main objective of our work was to help So They Can’s various business projects to become sustainable – we reviewed all three projects and created a roadmap for their future.

As part of this work we visited the farm to understand milk production, we met some of the beneficiaries of the micro-financing program and we admired some of the fantastic products made by the women of the Sew Women Can program.

We also did some capacity building with the management team through leadership workshops, individual coaching and setting up a new reporting system.

We had an extraordinary time working with So They Can; the work was interesting and we met so many inspiring people.

Our work was so meaningful, knowing that its beneficiaries are the students of the Aberdare Ranges Primary School and the children housed at Miti Mingi Village. So They Can’s impact is extraordinary and we were privileged to witness it first hand.

Artur Kaluza – Associate Director – Business Improvement and Strategy – Macquarie Group

Romy Katz – Founder and Principal Coach – Katz Coaching

Noam Katz-Kaluza – Innovator