Ubuntu Club

ubuntu-logo-01Join the club!

Become a ‘regular giver’ with So They Can by joining our Ubuntu Club.

Ubuntu is the beautiful African philosophy that simply put says, ‘how can I be happy when others are sad’.

By becoming a member of the Ubuntu Club you will receive regular updates from the ground from the specific project you choose to support. This will give you a special insight into the lives of others and highlight the significance of your contribution.

Your contributions are eligible for tax incentives (100% tax deductible in Australia).

Choose from one of our Ubuntu Club projects:


happy-andf-fed-at-school$50 per month can provide 10 children two hot meals a day at Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Kenya

By providing 10 unsponsored children two hot meals per day at the Aberdare Ranges Primary School they get the ‘brain food’ that nourishes their mind so they can concentrate, grow, and learn enabling them to make the most of their quality education so that they can reach their full potential.  GIVE NOW


bike-shop$25 a month can pay the monthly wage of a bike mechanic at our So They Ride social business in Tanzania.

Many people have to travel long distances for school and work.  Many do not have access to cars or motorbikes.  So They Ride social business has enabled people to buy bikes at a reasonable price so that they can get to school and work easier.  GIVE NOW


image$30 a month can buy materials for our Sew Women Can social business in Kenya.

Through supporting our Sew Women Can social business you are empowering women to enable them to become self-sufficient and will benefit societies and humanity at large. GIVE NOW


img_5550$100 a month can support a teacher mentor in the schools that are part of our Education Collaborative in rural Tanzania.

By supporting a teacher mentor in schools that are part of the Education Collaborative teachers will become better equipped with the knowledge and skills that can promote effective practice.  This will lead to a quality education, which will increase learning outcomes for the students. GIVE NOW