Sponsor Letters


Our top tips for writing to a child at Aberdare Ranges Primary School

  • Keep it simple. All our students learn English, and classes are taught in English, but Swahili is the language they most likely speak at home.
  • Remember the child’s world is very different to yours. Avoid talking about material possessions and western ideals, clean water and an education are luxuries to our students.
  • Share some information about yourself. Our students will never get sick of hearing about people who live in a different world, no matter how trivial. Share your favourite colour, name of your pet or favourite food.
  • Make it an educational experience. Share some trivia with the child, or a little fact about your country, or something you heard recently that you found interesting.
  • Send lots of encouragement. Let the child know you are proud of them and appreciate them. For example ”Keep up the good work, STC lets me know how well the Aberdare students are doing”.
  • Include a photo or drawing. Decorate away, use stickers, colour pencils, texta.
  • Don’t ask too many questions. Letters are delivered to Kenya twice a year during our working bees. Logistically we cannot co-ordinate a response to you, but please know you will make a child very happy.
  • Remember our letter date. Letters can be sent to So They Can any time, but need to be with us by 1 March and 1 August each year to make the next distribution.


Some important dos and don’ts

  • Don’t include gifts. Gifts can cause tension amongst community members.
  • Don’t include your address. We don’t want to create the opportunity for your details to end up in the wrong hands.
  • Do include your sponsored child’s details. To help us collate the letters, please include your sponsored child’s full name and student ID. This can be found on your sponsorship certificate.
  • Handwritten letters are preferred. However we know your time is precious, so if you don’t have time to post a letter, email a typed or scanned letter to letters@sotheycan.org
  • Just do it. The children ADORE letters. It doesn’t need to be brilliant or long.


Something to get you started

If you need some help to get started, here is an idea of the type of letter you could write.  Sample Letter

We hope these tips are helpful.

Posting your letter

Please send your letter to us by 1st MARCH and 1st AUGUST to:


Tracey Platt – So They Can

C/- Tommy’s Real Estate Ltd

P O Box 6296

Marion Square

Wellington 6011

Terri Anderson
So They Can
PO Box 544
Northbridge NSW 2063
Alternatively, you can email your letter to letters@sotheycan.org