So They Can Volunteer is our volunteer program – embracing volunteers’ skills and enthusiasm, to bring maximum benefit to our projects in Kenya and Tanzania.

We are committed to supporting all our amazing volunteers before, during and after their time at our projects. Our dedicated volunteer team in New Zealand offers informed support as do our in-country teams.

Our volunteers are matched to specific projects or tasks based on their skill set and their passion. We encourage volunteers to stay for at least 10-12 weeks, but shorter placements are possible. Our team organises accommodation and transfers both in Kenya and Tanzania where our experienced team on the ground provides a warm welcome and orientation.

We know that our volunteer program is most successful when our volunteers feel supported, connected and proud of the difference they have made.

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Sophie Martignier


“Volunteering with So They Can was an incredibly valuable, life changing experience for me, both heart warming and humbling. I left feeling my time was very well spent and that I was able to make a valuable contribution. I was lucky enough to meet many truly beautiful and amazing locals who I admire for their perseverance, resilience and hard work, and who I hope to stay in touch with in the future. Overall I would say my time in Kenya has given me a real world experience that has changed my perspective on life, and that I couldn’t be more glad to have done”



Current volunteer positions in Kenya


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