So They Can Business Farms


So They Can has established business farms in both Tanzania and Kenya that are generating profit to offset the costs of our developmental projects.


18 acres has been planted in the Mamire ward of the Babati district of Tanzania next door to the Mamire Teachers’ Training College. This land has been donated by the local community and is returning a healthy profit to fund our developmental projects.

We have recently partnered with internationally renowned natural skincare company Trilogy. Trilogy has purchased our first batch of sunflower seeds and, using the oil from the seeds, has created a 100% natural fragrance called JUA, meaning ‘sun’ in Kiswahili. Profits from the sale of JUA will go toward supporting our developmental projects.


In Kenya we farm 6 acres of land next door to the HMiti Mingi Village. Crops from the land are used to feed the children at the Home and are sold for profit to fund our developmental projects.