Aberdare Ranges Primary School


Aberdare Ranges Primary School was founded in April 2010, opening its doors to 120 wide eyed five year olds. The school is at full capacity with 1,080 students who are receiving a quality education teaching ages 3 through to 13.

The school  is located in the rural district of Nakuru, Kenya, 160km north west of Nairobi.
The land for the school (5 acres) was donated by the Teachers’ Co-operative. In 2009 So They Can negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kenyan Government to establish and operate the school as a private/public partnership, this first of its kind for the Kenyan Government. Under the terms of this memorandum the school is managed by a Board of Management, on which So They Can, community leaders and the Government sit. By partnering with the Kenyan Government and the community we are able work within the public education system and create sustainable and scaleable change from within. We believe that this has the potential for much greater long term development than if we worked in the private sector.

The school was initially established to meet the critical need for education for the children in the poverty stricken Pipeline Camp that was formed after the 2007 political violence that saw many dead and 250,000 homeless. Over the years as the school has grown it has widened is scope and now caters to meet the needs of the wider Pipeline community. Students are selected based on a set criteria designed to determine the poorest children. This includes factors such as their type of abode, number in their family, number of parents alive, estimated family income and disability issues. By providing a quality education in partnership with the government and community, we are giving these children hope for a poverty-free, self sufficient future.

The school currently comprises 30 classrooms, a well stocked library, an administrative office, an early childhood playground, sports field, kitchen, toilet blocks, a borehole and rainwater harvest facilities.

We run a nutritional program that provides all of the students with two hot meals a day designed to fulfil their daily nutrient requirements. For many, this is the only food they will receive. We run a physical education program designed to build awareness of basic health issues and the importance of regular exercise. To ensure a high standard of education, class sizes are kept to 40 students with highly qualified teachers and volunteers.

We are committed to vigorous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that our children are provided with the best possible education, academically, physically and emotionally.

Our vision is to build the school’s capabilities and educational achievements so that now, in 2018, we may share our learnings to support other public primary schools in the wider Nakuru district.

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