Secondary School and Vocational Training


Our objective: is for 100% of our students who graduate from Aberdare Ranges Primary School (ARPS) in Standard 8, to continue their education journey to either secondary school (we are aiming for over 80%) or vocational training (20%), supported by sponsorship.

2017 will see our first-ever graduating class of 120 students from Aberdare Ranges Primary School on completion of the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) at the conclusion of Standard 8 (Australian/NZ Year 8 equivalent).

We have a clear and comprehensive education plan for our graduating students. Our education plan implements So They Can’s goal of empowering through education and ensuring the children we take into our school as 5 year olds stay supported by us through the entirety of their education journey, a journey that is made possible by our sponsors.

Their KCPE exam results will determine whether they continue onto secondary school, and what secondary school they attend, or if they embark on vocational training with our partner Oncourse.

Some students will gain entry into top national and county secondary schools, while other students will have the opportunity to attend our local district partner school, Nairobi Road Secondary School in Nakuru.

What your sponsorship will deliver for your sponsor child in secondary school or vocational training.

The continued life-changing sponsorship of all our students from primary school to secondary school or vocational training will give them the best possible foundations for a poverty-free future that will, in turn, empower their families and their communities.

In secondary school, continued sponsorship through So They Can contributes to their school fees, give them access to the feeding program at their new school (individual school feeding programs will vary from full-board to a lunchtime program), and access to essential school resources, including stationary and textbooks.

Sponsorship may contribute to additional secondary school costs such as activity fees, exam fees, excursions, and holiday programs and mentoring with So They Can’s Kenyan Education Manager.

For our students who enter vocational training after graduating from Aberdare Ranges Primary School,  sponsorship will enable them to continue their education provided by our vocational training partner, Oncourse. Oncourse is a vocational training program facilitating vocational options including Carpentry, Building Technology, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy.

We will continue to work with all our student’s parents in supporting their children through secondary school and vocational training. It is important the parents contribute to their child’s education, investing not only financially what they can, but wholeheartedly acknowledging the value of education. In this partnership with parents, sponsors, and students, So They Can will receive examination results and updates from the students to monitor their progress and acknowledge their achievements.

All students will continue to write two letters a year to their sponsors. A critical and tangible touch point for both our students and our sponsors, nurturing a maturing relationship that neither will forget. All our students will meet with So They Can’s Education Manager twice a year to ensure their journey is on track and that they are happy and healthy.

As a sponsor, you are the bridge between our students present and their future, giving them a life-changing gift of education that changes many lives for the better.