Education Collaboratives; Kenya, including East Pokot, and Tanzania


So They Can’s Education Collaborative works with 35 existing government schools throughout Kenya, including the isolated district of East Pokot, and Tanzania, to improve the quality of education in poor rural primary schools.

We aim to improve the quality of education in these schools by:

  • Providing professional development courses to the existing teachers to improve their ability to teach the core subjects – Kiswahili, English and math
  • Providing essential school supplies including textbooks, pencils and desks
  • Introducing school leadership training for Head Teachers and their deputies
  • Increasing local community awareness of the value of education particularly for girls and pre-primary levels
  • Implementing personal hygiene education to reduce the spread of disease and use the students as a means of educating the wider community
  • Introducing nutritional programs and access to safe drinking water
  • Introducing a pre-primary program to improve the standard of pre-primary education being delivered

In Tanzania our Education Collaborative there is called, the Umoja Education Collaborative,  and it has two key initiatives, the Mamire Teachers’ College to reduce the very high teacher deficit levels in the district and 26 Collaborative government schools.

Only 40% of children in the district complete primary school and transition to secondary school. The remainder are stuck in the poverty cycle having to work as subsistence farmers just as their parents did before them.

We partner with primary schools throughout the district to improve the teaching environment and resources in those schools before they receive a graduate teacher from the Mamire Teachers’ College. This ensures that the new teachers are placed into schools that have adequate resources and rich teaching environments and are supported by the wider teaching community.