So They Can Speakers


So They Can’s CEO and founder, Cassandra Treadwell, presents to businesses, institutes of learning, government organisations and other NGOs about her connection to the African communities in which we work, the lessons she has learned from the classrooms and fields of Africa and how all of our personal well-being is deeply connected to the well-being of others.

She examines the core premise of So They Can, that it is the materially poor that must be the authors of their own development and that the role of charities is to facilitate the connection of donors, Governments, businesses and communities facing extreme poverty – to work in partnership together to eradicate poverty for good. She looks at how we as donors view the act of giving and asks the question what would fundraising look like if donors understood that they stand to gain from their donation as much as the materially poor.

All revenue from these presentations go to support our developmental projects.


If you would like Cass to present to your organisation please contact us below: