Social Investor Trips


At So They Can we run social investor trips each year to Kenya and Tanzania. These are hosted by our CEO, Cassandra Treadwell, or another member of our senior management team. They provide a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of how our projects are planned, implemented, monitored and evaluated. This is important as it provides the opportunity to witness the projects up close, to talk to our project managers on how the projects are tracking and to hear directly from the local community on how the projects are making a difference in their lives.

Whether you are an existing donor or someone who is interested in making an investment into our projects these trips are a must do.

Andrew-TAndrew Thomas, General Manager of Philanthropy at Perpetual, Australia has been on our social investor trips in 2012 and 2013. Andrew’s works with leading philanthropists to help maximise the community impact of their giving. Andrew notes that: “these trips with his clients provide the opportunity to witness how the work of So They Can is being facilitated with the community, rather than being done to the community – this is what makes the outcomes for these people truly sustainable. I would highly recommend the experience and the insight that it provides”

Staying at Sunbird Lodge these investor trips are a coming together of people from many different backgrounds but all with the same generous spirit.


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