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Our singular vision is to change the future of children and communities living in poverty through education.

We hold ourselves accountable by monitoring and evaluating our work continuously, and reporting on it annually. Through our monitoring and evaluation we measure our impact and learn how to improve our work.

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students supported

in collaboration with our government partners, students receive a high quality education equipping them with the skills and knowledge for life.

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schools supported

as part of our Education Collaborative and includes such activities as teacher development, classroom construction, water solutions, education and feeding programs.

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teachers graduated

changing lives with a professional qualification and addressing the significant issue of teacher deficit. With well trained teachers, children attend school and learn, giving them power to determine their future.

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teachers developed

every year through our teacher mentors we develop the skills of teachers in our education collaborative schools.

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6,310 students nourished

benefiting from school and college feeding programs. Feeding programs nourish minds and dramatically increase school attendance rates and academic performance.

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classrooms built &

reducing overcrowding and providing protection from the elements contributing to increased attendance and academic performance.

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water tanks installed

ensuring a supply of clean drinking water, improved hygiene and facilitation of feeding programs.

Our enabler programs...
Child Wellbeing
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children cared for

providing a loving and nurturing environment for children at risk.

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children supported

through family strengthening giving them the best possible chance of remaining within their family unit.

Women’s Empowerment
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630 women impacted

creating life changing income generating opportunities to support their children and families.

Community Health and Support
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members upskilled

with training given in sustainable farming techniques every year, helping them farm their way to a better future.

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bikes sold

enabling much needed transportation and generating funds for So They Can's projects.

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24,000 patients treated

each year benefitting from health clinics with adequate resources to improve the health of the community

All Annual Reports & Financial Reports can be found here.

Accountability & Transparency.
So They Can is dedicated to creating impact.
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