Every child deserves access to education.

It is a basic human right. 

Education is life-changing for a child,

their family, and their community.

Our Approach to Education

When you empower people through education

everything changes

Did you know that global poverty could be halved if all adults completed secondary school education? [UNESCO]

Our Education Program is focused on improving the quality of education of more than 27,000 primary school children living in poverty in East Africa.

Our results show that by receiving quality education, these children are more likely to enter and complete secondary school. In fact, between 2016-2019, we saw a 27.6% increase in the number of students transitioning from primary to secondary school in the schools we work with.

At So They Can, we work together with all levels of government, local partners, the community and teachers to implement and embed a range of projects that focus on lifting the quality of education in local schools.

Read on to find out about our holistic projects and 3 Phase Model for collaboration. 

Our Education Projects

Over the years, we’ve developed a range of education projects to lift the quality of the education in schools and ensure a sustainable future for the whole community. These projects include:


Our School Community

to build relationships with the community and ensure the long-term sustainability of the projects.

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School Improvement

to ensure students are in a safe and vibrant environment where they are kept healthy to optimise their learning.

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Teacher Development

to improve teaching standards and support teachers in their ongoing pedagogical capability enhancement.


My Voice

to build confidence and empower students to speak up and take ownership of their education and to understand their rights.


Keeping Girls in School

to engage the whole community of the importance of girls education, including their human rights, health and wellbeing and their contribution to society.


Let's Learn

to build interest and confidence in learning, early literacy and numeracy to pre-primary students

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Shamba Letu

to educate the community on farming practices and provide food and income to the school


Camp Africa

to build confidence and create connections among our students across schools, regions and tribes

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Msomi Scholarships & Secondary Partnerships

to create clear pathways beyond primary school and support students to progress


Mamire Teachers' College

to create the next generation of quality teachers in East Africa who can inspire our students to reach their full potential

Our 3 Phase Model

Building Climate-Smart Schools

Climate change poses a major threat to humanity, exacerbating poverty, food security, displacement and effects to human health and wellbeing.

Africa is already feeling the brunt of climate change. Despite the continent's small contribution to the changing climate (just 2-3% of all global emissions), it is disproportionately effected by the crisis and labelled as the most vulnerable region in the world [UNEP].

At So They Can, we're committed to supporting our East African communities to establish climate-smart schools that empower climate resilience.

How can you support our Education Program?

Without people like you, our impact would not be possible.

There are many ways that you can support us, here are just a few ideas: